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Employer health plans cover 165 million Americans and 64% are self-funded, meaning employers pay for the healthcare directly. Self-funded employer health plans require a Third Party Administrator (TPA) which is a $22+ billion industry and growing. Marpai is a technology company transforming Third Party Administration by leveraging the most advanced AI to create the healthiest members with the greatest cost efficiency for any health plan budget. Learn more from our CEO.

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Marpai brings deep learning and machine learning to the rapidly growing, low-tech TPA sector to deliver a superior value TPA experience to employers and their health plan members. For the same price as an average TPA, Marpai proactively engages members in an effort to reduce avoidable, excessive, inappropriate and overpriced care. Marpai uses AI to identify and connect at-risk members to proven clinical solutions early, reminds members to make annual exams and guides them to high-value in-network providers. The myMarpai App is a personal health GPS that gives members on-demand access to benefits, costs, deductibles, telehealth and more. No TPA offers these services in their standard fee. Marpai has its own PBM (pharmacy benefits management solution), MarpaiRx, that offers deep discounts on medications and significant savings to employers.

Marpai’s operations are highly cost efficient. The $50+ million tech platform delivers a sustainable competitive advantage. Marpai’s superior value offering and acquisitions are driving revenue growth - measured by number of employee lives covered.

Company Overview

Marpai is an AI-powered technology leader in the $22+ billion Third Party Administrator (TPA) market serving employers with self-funded health plans. Marpai cares for health plan members and the health plan bottom line. Marpai uses predictive models and SMART automation to deliver a superior value proposition in the market. For the same price as an average TPA, Marpai delivers a suite of additional AI-powered services focused on driving member outcomes and reducing avoidable, overpriced, excessive and inappropriate care. Marpai works to generate savings for employers by driving down medical spend, pharmacy spend, stop loss premiums and by removing cost excesses across the system including claims processing.

Ai Predicts Health Events To Reduce Costly Claims

Beyond providing traditional TPA services, Marpai has a $50MM+ tech platform with proprietary deep learning algorithms that predict near-term health events to prevent costly health claims. The models predict potential health events related to chronic illness e.g., Type 2 Diabetes, COPD and major procedures e.g., knee surgery. These predictions activate early clinical intervention that put members on the best care journey (high quality, no excessive or unnecessary costs) and mitigate developing conditions.


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