Damien Lamendola

Damien Lamendola

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Damien Lamendola is a distinguished business leader with an extensive background in the healthcare industry. Appointed to the Board of Marpai on April 1, 2021, Lamendola brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as the Chief Executive Officer.

Lamendola is the founder of Continental Benefits in 2013, where he served as the Chief Executive Officer until 2019. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen were pivotal in establishing Continental Benefits as a prominent player in the industry.

Since March 2002, Lamendola has held the position of President at HillCour Holding Corporation, formerly known as Welldyne Holding Corp. His tenure at HillCour Holding Corporation spans several years, during which he has meticulously overseen the strategic operations of multiple operating companies within the healthcare sector, showcasing his adeptness in steering complex organizations towards success.

Apart from his role as President, Lamendola has also been an integral part of the board of HillCour Holding Corporation since 2017, demonstrating his commitment to guiding and shaping the company’s trajectory. His board memberships in WellDyneRx, LLC and HillCour Investment Fund, LLC since 2017 further underscore his involvement and influence within these organizations.

Lamendola’s educational background is just as impressive as his professional achievements. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from McNeese State University and later pursued an M.B.A. from Washington University, equipping him with a solid foundation in business management and strategic leadership.

With a track record marked by innovation and success in the healthcare industry, Lamendola’s appointment as the CEO of Marpai heralds an era of strategic growth and visionary leadership for the company. His proven ability to navigate and lead complex healthcare organizations positions him as a formidable force in driving Marpai’s success in the industry.

John Powers

John Powers


Powers is an accomplished healthcare benefits executive with over 30 years' experience. Powers was previously CEO of Homestead Smart Health Plans.

Powers brings deep operations knowledge and an extensive industry network developed over his professional career in the healthcare benefits space. Previous roles included Vice President of HealthComp Holdings – a privately-held third party administrator (TPA). John managed the integrated solutions while driving an industry-leading Client-based Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80. Additionally, John served as EVP and principal of Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) – a leading healthcare cost containment company. In these positions, John was instrumental in driving tens of millions of dollars in savings for his clients.

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Johnson is a seasoned financial executive with a robust background in overseeing financial strategies within diverse industries. As the Chief Financial Officer of Marpai, Johnson brings a wealth of experience and a track record of success to his role.

Johnson’s career journey is marked by significant contributions in various esteemed positions, notably his role as the CFO at HillCour, Inc., a privately held company primarily focused on healthcare and with diverse investments in technology, retail, real estate, and pharmaceutical services. Since September 2016, Johnson has been instrumental in driving financial success and strategic growth within the company, playing a crucial role in optimizing capital employment and making transformative investments in alignment with the company’s objectives.

In early 2017, HillCour made a strategic move by selling WellDyneRx to Carlyle, showcasing Johnson’s involvement in pivotal financial transactions within the healthcare sector. Notably, the company was a significant investor in the IPO of Marpai, Inc. in October 2021, further demonstrating Johnson’s contribution to Marpai’s financial landscape.

With a strong background in financial strategy, diverse industry experience, and a proven track record of driving transformative growth, Steve Johnson’s appointment as Chief Financial Officer at Marpai positions him as a pivotal figure in the company’s financial landscape, poised to steer the organization towards continued success and sustainable growth.